JSA Nation

A diverse nation led by students, for students.

Group of three high school students in a formal room for a democracy skills workshop.

What is the JSA Nation?

The Junior State of America is a diverse body of citizens — students, educators, parents, alumni, and partners — who work in concert to increase engagement with democracy through participation in our unique programs. The JSA Nation is a dynamic student-led organization, with elected and appointed leaders at every level, that offers our delegates an invaluable cooperative and collaborative experience, providing them the tools required to make democracy work.

Our Governing Model

JSA is driven by our student members who are given the autonomy and responsibility to plan and execute civics-focused discussions, events, and activism projects throughout the year. JSA chapters serve as the center of political awareness at their schools, and our school-year and summer experiences bring thousands of students together to learn from each other.

Explore JSA Nation

JSA Nation is one community—a diverse body of students, educators, parents, alumni, and partners united in their commitment to democracy.

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Meet the Student Leaders

2022-2023 Council of Governors

Rishi j

Rishi J.

Governor of Mid-Atlantic
Kaitlyn h

Kaitlyn H.

Governor of Texas
Annabelle x

Annabelle X.

Governor of Northeast
Sophia m

Sophia M.

Governor of Ohio River Valley
Ariel s

Ariel S.

Governor of Midwest
Georgia l

Georgia L.

Governor of Northern California
Aashna r

Aashna R.

Governor of Southern California
Maritza r p

Maritza R. P.

Governor of Arizona
Carlineissa jean f

Carlineissa Jean F.

Governor of Southeast
Riya s

Riya S.

Governor of Pacific Northwest

2022-2023 National Cabinet

Nat Cab Photos 11

Amol B.

National Director of Technology
Nat Cab Photos 10

Tazia M.

National Director of Activism
Nat Cab Photos 7

Parth J.

National Director of Fundraising
Nat Cab Photos 6

Anirudh H.

National Director of Activities
Nat Cab Photos 9

Rohan L.

National Director of Expansion
Nat Cab Photos 4

Christopher L.

National Director of Debate
Nat Cab Photos 8

Brian L.

National Director of Publicity
Nat Cab Photos 2

Hannah C.

National Chief of Staff