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Thank you for your interest in Junior State of America (JSA). We are currently hiring for the following job positions. Click the links below to view the full job description and details on how to apply.

About the Organization

Junior State of America (JSA) strengthens democracy by educating and preparing high school students for lifelong involvement and responsible leadership in a democratic society. We’re non-partisan, active in 35 states, and impact more than 13,000 students and educators a year. With programs in civics, education, and leadership, JSA is the largest student-led organization for high school students in the country.

American democracy is at a critical moment. With authoritarianism on the rise globally and deep partisan polarization at home, the values and norms that uphold American democracy are in flux. JSA believes that robust civic education and experience working across differences is at the core of strong democracies.

Junior State of America (JSA) has helped over 500,000 students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to be active, informed, and responsible citizens, voters, and leaders. With our student-led model, JSA enables students to experience the challenges and responsibilities of leadership and connect across differences, while developing 21st-century skills applicable in any endeavor. JSA chapters serve as the center of political awareness at their schools; JSA conventions bring thousands of students together to share opinions and learn from each other. We are committed to developing an ideologically, geographically, and demographically diverse set of leaders, who work over their lifetimes to build our nation’s future.

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