Nathaniel M JSA Student
Council of Governors

Nathaniel M.

Governor of Southeast

Nathaniel M. is a member of the Junior State of America’s (JSA) Council of Governors. He represents the JSA Southeast (SES) region and is a Sarasota Military Academy (SMA) senior. As the JSA SES Governor, Nathaniel works alongside eight other governors to provide direction and programs for JSA on a national level. At the state level, Nathaniel oversees initiatives such as the planning and logistics of school-year conventions. He also works closely with JSA's national cabinet member, the national director of technology, providing direction and supervision.

Nathaniel has been an active JSA member of his high school chapter since 2021. He had an interesting start in JSA. His school paused activities during his freshman year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so his friends convinced him to join when he returned to campus sophomore year.

Nathaniel has held several JSA roles serving as his chapter's secretary and, most recently, chapter president. He has participated in three school-year conventions, had the chance to present his bill at Winter Congress, and received four Best Speaker awards.

At his school, Nathaniel is actively involved in cyberpatriots and robotics as a team captain, National Honor Society as a historian, and State College of Florida's Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. In the community, he volunteers at his local Chabad, where he teaches children Hebrew. He is passionate about making a difference in education because he has noticed that only some have a fair chance or are taught what they need to learn. Some students are left behind, and others need help figuring out where to apply themselves. He does what he can to help his fellow students out through tutoring for both his school and his community. Nathaniel looks forward to earning a computer science undergraduate degree and eventually attending law school.

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