Maia G JSA Student
Council of Governors

Maia G.

Governor of Northeast

Maia G. is a member of the Junior State of America (JSA) Council of Governors and serves as its chair. She represents the JSA Northeast State (NES) region and is a senior at Staples High School. As the JSA NES Governor, Maia is responsible for organizing the Council of Governors, leading her state, and acting as the bridge between the national cabinet and the Council of Governors.

Maia has been an active JSA member of her high school chapter since 2020. She had always wanted to be part of JSA since she had first heard about it from a friend in another school. While at JSA, Maia has held several roles, including chapter president, NES director of logistics, and NES lieutenant governor.

Outside of JSA, Maia is actively involved in her local government, serving as the student representative on the prevention coalition and the Rowan Center's student representative. She also works as a camp counselor throughout the summer. She is passionate about making a difference in special needs education; as a special needs counselor, she wants to increase their resources and access. Maia looks forward to the year to come, and she is very excited to work with all the other amazing governors and every other member.

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