Soham G JSA Student
Council of Governors

Soham G.

Governor of Ohio River Valley

Soham G. is a member of the Junior State of America’s (JSA) Council of Governors (CoG) and serves as its secretary. He represents the JSA Ohio River Valley (ORV) region and is a New Albany High School senior. As the JSA ORV Governor, Soham is responsible for managing all major initiatives in the ORV state, leading the cabinet, and creating a plan for the state's future. Furthermore, as Council of Governors Secretary, Soham facilitates discussion while developing documentation and notes for the council.

Soham has been an active JSA member of his high school chapter since 2021. He joined JSA because he wanted to contribute to the civic discourse and discussion of the youth. He loved public speaking and policy, so he joined an organization that stands on the pillars of debate and activism. At JSA, Soham has held several roles, serving as New Albany activism director, Winter Congress chair, Winter Congress equity council, ORV convention specialist, ORV convention coordinator, and now governor and CoG secretary. He has been recognized with multiple best speaker awards.

Outside JSA, Soham is actively involved in DublinTOP Inc. (a regional nonprofit), basketball, Taekwondo, and others. He is passionate about making a difference in technology ethics because he has a deep interest in the individual fields and is even more interested in exploring the intersection of both. Soham looks forward to attending college and earning a computer science or data science degree.

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