Junior State of America programs spark a relationship between our students and engaged citizenship that continues to evolve over time. Throughout our history, we’ve touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of JSAers, who remain committed to the principles of democracy and their power to change it. JSA experiences resonate in the lives of our alumni, who become passionate advocates for our programs and our students, and enable us to remain vital and responsive to the times.

Alumni Facts

More than 170k current alumni

More than 10k current alumni in government

More than 500k JSA participants since 1934

Hear from an alum.

Arnela colic

Meet Arnela

Arnela is a former governor of JSA Northern California. She was introduced to JSA by a friend who brought her along to a Chapter meeting. And at that moment, she found a passion, a family, and a new path. Arnela would rise through leadership in JSA from a mayor to governor — and also attended two JSA summer programs: Georgetown and the Diplomat Program in China.

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  • Mike McCurry's headshot

    I really look back on my days of JSA as being probably—even more so than college or anything else I did—the thing that really prepared me for a career at the top levels of national politics here in Washington, D.C.

    Mike McCurry
    Former White House Press Secretary, and JSA alum