Mica J JSA Student
Council of Governors

Mica J.

Governor of Northern California

Mica J. is a member of the Junior State of America’s (JSA) Council of Governors. She represents the JSA Northern California region and is a senior at Piedmont High School. As the JSA NorCal Governor, Mica oversees the national cabinet to ensure school year conventions run smoothly. Mica is also responsible for building a solid foundation to help strengthen the NorCal state down to the chapter level. She also works closely with the national director of grant writing, a member of the JSA’s National Cabinet.

Mica has been an active JSA member of her high school chapter since 2020. She joined JSA because it allowed her to be part of a student-led organization, talk about politics, and learn about the world. During her time at JSA, Mica has held several roles, serving as her chapter’s president for two years, East Bay Region’s mayor, political event manager, and currently serves as vice president of her chapter. She has been recognized with a Girl Scout Silver Award, the College Board’s Hispanic Recognition Award, and a three-time Mensch on a Bench winner at Eden Village West, a camp she worked at over the summer.

Outside of JSA, Mica is involved in Girl Scouts, Encinal Yacht Club’s competitive youth sailing team, and plays cello in Piedmont High School’s advanced orchestra. She is passionate about making a difference in the lack of food security for Bay Area families because it impacts many in her nearby community. Mica looks forward to attending college, continuing political engagement, and creating change.

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