Tiziano P JSA Student

Tiziano P.

Governor of Texas and Student Representative, Board of Directors

Tiziano P. is a member of the Junior State of America’s (JSA) Council of Governors. He represents the JSA Texas region and is a senior at BASIS Shavano. As the JSA Texas Governor, Tiziano runs a 40-person cabinet supporting over 30 chapters statewide. Additionally, he oversees the National Director of Expansion whose role is to grow JSA nationally.

Tiziano has been an active JSA member of his high school chapter since 2019. He joined JSA because he was intrigued by the political engagement and education that JSA provided. While at JSA, Tiziano has held several roles, serving as co-chapter president of BASIS Shavano and Texas JSA National Director of Chapter Internal Affairs. He has been recognized with multiple best speaker awards, the “coolest dasher,” and student of the year in his comparative government and politics class.

Outside JSA, Tiziano is actively involved in the National Honor Society, Red Cross, Opt-For-Action, Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica, and the Muslim Student Association. He is passionate about making a difference in combating climate change because he knows that the future of this world depends on its response to the devastating effects plaguing the globe. Tiziano looks forward to attending college and earning a political science and international relations degree.

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