Michelle L 2023 Natcab
National Cabinet

Michelle L.

National Chief of Staff

Michelle L. is a member of the Junior State of America’s (JSA) National Cabinet. She represents the JSA Ohio River Valley (ORV) region and is a senior at Farragut High School. As the JSA National Cabinet Chief of Staff, Michelle is responsible for working closely with the Council of Governors to manage all of National Cabinet as a whole.

Michelle has been an active JSA member of her high school chapter since 2021. She joined JSA because of her passion for public speaking, current events, and the opportunity to engage with diverse perspectives. During her time at JSA, Michelle has held several roles, serving as the Ohio River Valley director of expansion, expansion specialist, and as an officer of her chapter. She has been recognized with numerous Best Speaker awards, served as the Winter Congress party chair, and was selected to attend the 2022 JSA Montezuma Leadership Summit.

Outside of JSA, Michelle is actively involved in her community, providing free tennis lessons for kids and holding positions as her school's student body president and on the town's education relations committee. She also enjoys playing violin in the Knoxville Symphony Youth Orchestra. With a strong dedication to ensuring a safe and equitable educational environment, Michelle is passionate about making a positive impact on our youth. She looks forward to attending college and studying in the fields of public policy and economics. Michelle feels incredibly grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with bright minds nationwide and effect meaningful change in JSA and beyond.