Aditya B 2023 Nat Cab
National Cabinet

Aditya B.

National Co-Director of Debate

Aditya B. is a member of the Junior State of America’s (JSA) National Cabinet. He represents the JSA Mid-Atlantic State (MAS) region and is a senior at the Edison Academy Magnet School. As one of JSA’s National Directors of Debate, Aditya is responsible for crafting impactful resolutions, enhancing debate quality nationwide, and collecting data on prevalent political ideologies in students across the US.

Aditya has been an active JSA member of his high school chapter since 2020. He joined JSA because of his ardent interest in current affairs and political discourse. During his time at JSA, Aditya has held several roles serving as vice president of his school’s chapter and a director of debate for the Mid-Atlantic State. He has been recognized with several Best Speaker awards and has extensive experience moderating at conventions.

Outside of JSA, Aditya is actively involved in volunteering as a docent at his local museum and playing soccer for his school. He is passionate about making a difference in environmental conservation because he believes that preserving our planet's natural resources is vital for future generations. Aditya looks forward to attending college and earning a degree in computer science.