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Meet Texas State Governor Tiziano P.

Tez P

Name: Tiziano (Tez) P.

High School: BASIS Shavano

Grade: 12

Current JSA Position: JSA Texas Governor

Other JSA Positions You've Held:
Co-Chapter President of BASIS Shavano (10th), Texas JSA Director of CIA (11th)

What motivated you to run for the position of governor, and what goals do you hope to achieve during your term?

While several factors contributed to my run, the biggest reason I ran was to hold the office of the greatest power to lead JSA in the best direction possible while genuinely representing what the people wanted to see. I tried to make meaningful change in an organization I care about deeply as I worked with those who supported me along the way. The people inspire and motivate me daily to ensure I am doing my best. I strive to be the people's governor, representing and supporting each of their constituents. "The people" are so important to me because they are my friends and companions with aspirations and dreams that I hope to be able to support and care for along the way.

In my tenure, there are numerous things I hope to accomplish. I plan to foster a stronger JSA community within my state and nationally by implementing more regional conventions and activism initiatives to bring our communities together. Additionally, I hope to make conventions more affordable and accessible to all, as the experience is unique to JSA and something everyone should have the opportunity to attend. Finally, I want to empower those I encounter and work with to seek and accomplish their own goals, leaving the organization aspiring to make their own change.

As a member of the Council of Governors (CoG), how do you envision contributing to the growth and development of JSA on a national level?

The Council of Governors allows for the expansive potential of individuals to be realized to expand and strengthen JSA. The single most important contributing factor one can utilize in this position is providing oneself. To impact JSA at any level, one must understand the privileges and power one has to impact and empower others. I envision this by making myself a resource to assist those around me in excelling in their work and execution of ideas. I am here to implement my ideas and support those around me to accomplish their projects. By working with others, a robust JSA can be sustained to continue the cycle of empowering our future leaders to expand their impact beyond the walls of JSA.

What do you wish every student knew about JSA that would encourage them to get involved?

I wish I had known that JSA has a space for everyone. JSA provides an expanse that all can enjoy and thrive within. JSA uniquely allows people to be as serious and engaged as they want while enjoying what the organization offers. Even those initially disinterested in politics will discover an area for their voice to be shared. This makes JSA distinctive from other opportunities, as one can't leave without regret.

What extracurriculars or hobbies are you involved in outside of JSA?

Outside of JSA, I am involved with my school's National Honor Society chapter, Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica chapter, Muslim Student Association, and Speech and Debate. My favorite pastimes are listening to music (especially Lana Del Rey), walking, and reading AP News.


September 08, 2023