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Meet Southeast State Governor Nathaniel M.

Nathaniel M

Name: Nathaniel M.

High School: Sarasota Military Academy

Grade: 12

Current JSA Position: JSA Southeast State (SES) Governor

Other JSA Positions You've Held: Chapter President, Secretary

What motivated you to run for the position of governor, and what goals do you hope to achieve during your term?

My motivation for running for governor stemmed from my Chapter President Thomas Canales. I initially thought I had no chance at such a prestigious role, but Thomas had my back from the beginning, encouraging me to run and endorsing me in front of hundreds of JSA members at Winter Congress. During my term, I hope to reinvigorate JSA Southeast by strengthening our current chapters and working with students who want to start their own chapters.

As a member of the Council of Governors (CoG), how do you envision contributing to the growth and development of JSA on a national level?

On a national level, I envision JSA's conventions becoming more accessible. In the post-COVID landscape, many students who wanted to go to conventions could not, and I want to do what I can to communicate the necessary information for them to get there.

What do you wish every student knew about JSA that would encourage them to get involved?

I wish every student knew more about the non-partisanship of JSA. Many young people hesitate to share their opinions, and JSA provides a safe outlet for thoughtful and spirited debate. Additionally, JSA's encouragement of activism initiatives allows students to make a difference in their community about things they care about.

What extracurriculars or hobbies are you involved in outside of JSA?

I am involved in the cyberpatriots and robotics teams at my high school. I am also an officer at my National Honor Society chapter and a member of State College of Florida's Phi Theta Kappa. In my free time, I enjoy playing guitar and piano and drawing.


September 08, 2023