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Meet Mid-Atlantic State Governor Arnuv B.

Arnuv B

Name: Arnuv B.

High School: Middlesex County Academy

Grade: 12

Current JSA Position: JSA Mid-Atlantic State (MAS) Governor

Other JSA Positions You've Held: NJR Mayoral Chief of Staff; Middlesex County Academy Chapter President

What motivated you to run for the position of governor, and what goals do you hope to achieve during your term?

I ran for governor primarily because of my genuine passion for leadership and civic engagement. As governor, I could further impact more American youth and provide myself with even better growth opportunities. During my term, I aim to increase JSA's overall engagement, return to pre-pandemic levels, and inspire younger JSAers to take up leadership roles just as I have.

As a member of the Council of Governors (CoG), how do you envision contributing to the growth and development of JSA on a national level?

The first and foremost thing I'd like to stress this year is inter-state collaboration. By allowing states to work together better through the National Cabinet, the Council of Governors, and convention communication, chapters nationwide will be better supported and more connected. Another point of emphasis for me will be expanding JSA’s reach nationally. I and all the other governors have clarified that this year's big goal is allowing expansion departments to collaborate, hopefully growing our organization even more.

What do you wish every student knew about JSA that would encourage them to get involved?

JSA allows you to get politically involved and enjoy it simultaneously. JSA's mission is vital for the future of our country, and being in JSA has allowed me to gain so many skills I will have with me for the rest of my life. However, JSA's most significant contribution to my life has been the people I've met. So many of my closest friends would be strangers or distant acquaintances if it weren't for JSA.

What extracurriculars or hobbies are you involved in outside of JSA?

I love watching and playing sports and am an avid football, soccer, and basketball fan. I've played soccer for over 13 years, which continued into high school, where I now play for my varsity team. Outside of soccer, I enjoy listening to music, traveling, and hanging out with friends.


September 08, 2023