Meet L B.

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L B.

Pronouns: she/they

JSA State: Northeast (Massachusetts)

About L: L B. is a Fundraising Agent for the NES this year and the Director of Media and Publicity for her chapter at the Cambridge School of Weston. She is currently a junior and an artist in addition to having an immense passion for science along with learning itself. L is a member of the Sustainability Committee, Diversity Committee, Biology Club, Spanish Club, Fashion Club, Art Club, WSAR (White Students Against Racism), and JCC (Jewish Culture Club). L plays volleyball, lacrosse, and tennis in addition to XC and fitness. In her spare time, she runs a food blog and creates recipes, and spends time outside. L sings in her school band and enjoys writing and reading poetry as well while staying up to date on current biomedical news of course. L hopes to study some combination of biology, chemistry, and neuroscience with a focus on research. L hopes to continue her passion for visual art and global discovery along with civic engagement too. She loves the brain, cells, travel, space, philosophy, fashion, food, health, nature, and mindfulness.


What is one issue that is important to you, and why?

Climate preservation is a primary issue of concern because in actuality nothing we do or accomplish matters if we are living in an inhabitable and harmful environment. Our world must be a matter of unity and care regardless of views on social or economical issues. Considering there is concrete evidence of terminally for our living healthily here (which is a stretch even now because of how damaged the climate) we must hold major contributors accountable. This is not a matter of reverse for now because first, we must preserve. Humanity must systematically change our approach to existing on earth and normalize sustainable living in order to make it affordable and inherent. Additionally, I am passionate about individuals adopting a plant-based lifestyle for a positive impact on the climate and slow elimination of food-based heart disease.

What does it mean for you to be a JSAer?

Being a JSAer means being open to new ideas and perspectives. It means using the experience and knowledge of your peers along with your own to discuss the pressing political, social, and economical issues we face today. It means sharing my passion for justice and politics in spaces with equally as passionate peers and working to achieve solutions through civil collaboration. Being a JSAer provides room to gain confidence in public speaking and speaking up which becomes an experience that is useful outside and beyond JSA and high school. But above all, that JSA is a community and provides a sense of belonging for students like myself who want to make a difference and be able to talk with people with varying views for the sake of societal solutions. Being a JSAer is talking about crucial and significant issues while gaining critical thinking and speaking experience. All of this while having the most fun and opportunity to work on understanding one another and the world. It involves discovering how to approach problems with respect and communication and through this, being a JSAer means making friendships and connections with people beyond your bubble.

What have you done amidst the global pandemic to support your local community and beyond?

I have made an effort to get takeout and support local restaurants throughout the pandemic. We (my family and I) have tried numerous new places while supporting our favorite local food places. Additionally, I worked at a local coffee shop which allowed me to provide food and drink for my community during the pandemic. I also used my funds from working and savings to support small businesses near my home and outside my community in the forms of clothing, books, school materials, etc. I utilized local parks and made sure to pay fees when visiting local museums and outdoor locations. I supported members of my community by providing masks and sanity materials to some people and practiced pandemic safety/protocol in every space. I stayed informed and made sure to share information regarding the initial pandemic and especially in educating my peers and community about the vaccine. I was able to make it tangible scientifically due to my experience in a genetic engineering and molecular biology course this year.

What would you say to students who are interested or want to join JSA?

Anyone and everyone are welcome and there is nothing to fear. I certainly worried about my level of knowledge about pressing issues but the reality is we all have the valuable experience and unique knowledge. These variants are crucial to culminating holistic social toons and holding thought-provoking discussions. JSA is for anyone who is passionate and curious. I’d say don’t be afraid to ask questions and know that you will be able to find friends and people that hold similar values as well along with ones that differ from your own. Take a chance and I’m sure that you will see beneath the blazers and big words we are all students trying to navigate the world and our futures and JSA is the best place to start.

Who is a person that inspires you to go beyond the barriers you have?

I am inspired by Wim Hoff because he challenges what is humanly possible. He implements insane mediations and puts himself in mid boggling situations. He believed that if we can control stress and harness our power we can withstand far more than we can comprehend. His approach to life is inspiring from a literal standpoint and his accomplishments are a reminder that we are capable of far more than we realize. Learning about people like him to watching skydiving videos from the highest possible height are healthy reminders for rationalizing my own stress Wims concept and the approach of saying yes (Yes Theory) exemplify the temporary nature of our existence and why we should life our lives without constraints because anything is possible. We are stronger than we realize and there are people who are more in harmony with the universe than most of us will ever even believe we can be. He is among the people that motives me to challenge my perception of reality and my inherent beliefs of humans physical and emotional constraints. Life can be pretty rad and we must never allow it to be miserable because as hard as it may seem, everything is a matter of perception and perspective.


May 12, 2021