JSA’s Winter Experience

Miscellaneous 41

Join us this upcoming January-March for JSA’s Winter Experience. Through a host of student-led and student-designed activities, JSA students will launch the new civic innovation model and define what the future of civic engagement looks like. They will explore and practice key concepts that include community development, political participation, service, and leadership.

Highlighted Activities

Official Launch of JSA’s Digital Community-JSA Connect

Do you have a question about how to host better chapter meetings? Do you want to plan a virtual service activity? Who better to ask than JSA members across the nation. Starting in early 2021, JSA student leaders will develop web-based community resources and plan live workshops for JSA members. Content (i.e., resource guides, events, etc.) will be free and accessible to members via the new JSA Connect portal. Login will be required.

Launch of JSA’s Wellness Wednesday

JSA will host Wellness Wednesday on the second full week of every month starting in January 2021. It is hard work trying to change the world. JSA’s Wellness Wednesday is meant to facilitate peer-to-peer communication between high school students across the nation about stressors and self-care tips. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to participate.

Winter Congress

JSA’s 2021 Winter Congress will be held virtually and will be a culminating event in the Winter Experience. Students will design three digital conventions to entice young people to use their voices to tackle some of the most pervasive issues facing our nation. If you are interested in learning more about legislation and bill writing as a mechanism for making change, Winter Congress has always been the place for you. In addition to bill writing, this year participants will explore other avenues for making change, including service, community building, and equity. This year, the Winter Congress will be held on February 26th-28th. For more information about JSA's Winter Congress 2021, click here.


December 16, 2020