JSA Students Learn Courageous Skills

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For most adults, sweaty palms, a racing heart, and sometimes anger are common responses when faced with a difficult situation. On Tuesday, September 25th, Courageous Leadership for a Courageous Democracy welcomed over 250 Junior State of America students from schools in Southern California to a unique training that supports students in taking courageous action so they can have a positive, lasting impact on important issues, even amidst challenging situations.

The one day workshop equipped students with an understanding of what drives courageous action, and practical skills based on social and emotional learning (SEL) skills through Social Fitness Training.

After completing the workshop, students wrote:

“I learned that I can choose courage in any moment.”

“I learned from the water exercise that I judge people without understanding their situation.”

“I can trust myself if something feels wrong."

JSA member Joshua Alexander of Alliance Mohan, described the session this way, "Denise and Brooke did an amazing job with their presentation. Not only was it informational, but it was highly relatable and engaging as well."

Courageous Leadership Chief Operating Officer Denise Cotton Royal, reported, “The workshop was a success. Now the students are participating in Civic Action Projects to practice what they’ve learned in a way that makes a difference in their communities. We look forward to expanding this program into many more territories in the coming year!”


September 28, 2018