JSA Members Tackle 2nd Amendment, North Korea & Elect New Leaders

Raising the age for purchasing assault weapons. Sanctions on North Korea. A mock Supreme Court hearing of the Cake Shop vs. Colorado First Amendment case.

Hundreds of politically engaged high school students will debate these issues and other national topics at the Junior State of America (JSA) Spring State conventions in Arizona, Texas, New Jersey, Washington, California, and Florida. JSA members will also elect new student leaders as governor, lieutenant governor, and mayor.

Within the Junior State of America (JSA), young people learn the value of talking with a diverse group of peers who hold different political and ideological perspectives. At conventions that bring together more than 600 high school students, JSA members demonstrate strong leadership skills and voice informed positions on topics that they select on a range of issues that impact their communities and the country.

“In our current environment, where so often we self-select to surround ourselves with individuals who share our beliefs and political opinions, JSA challenges our young people to do something more courageous,” said JSA CEO Ken White.

“For more than 84 years, the Junior State of America has nurtured young leaders and advocated for strong leadership that values diversity. We support young people as they explore new ideas, test their beliefs, and learn to respect and engage with others,” said White.

In addition, JSA members will also elect their new student leaders. An exciting part of Spring State, JSA members will vote for their Chapter, regional and state leaders. As part of its student-led model, JSA members are responsible for planning, coordinating, and hosting regional and state conferences.

As the nation’s largest student-run organization, JSA provides training in leadership and civil dialogue to help students build 21st Century skills. JSA alumni overwhelmingly testify that the skills they learned in JSA were critical in shaping and supporting both their personal and professional lives. JSA has prepared more than 400,000 individuals for leadership in business, government, law, and the nonprofit sector.


April 21, 2018