Winter Congress

A unique, hands-on opportunity to learn about how legislation is created, debated and enacted.

Student speaking into a microphone and gesturing while standing in front of a group of seated students at a high school government event.
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At JSA Winter Congress, students experience a legislative simulation. They’ll author bills that are selected for consideration by their peers, then participants will attend committee meetings, offer amendments, and watch the markup process on proposed legislation.

In addition to bill writing, participants will explore other avenues for making change, including service, community building, and equity.

Who Should Attend?

All JSA members are encouraged to attend the Winter Congress event near them. In addition, any high school student interested in becoming more civically engaged can attend any of our virtual experiences. A Teacher Advisor (or school-approved adult chaperone) must accompany a JSA Chapter to the in-person portion of hybrid events.

*Scholarships are available for participants in need.

Key Takeaways
  • Author, debate, and enact bills
  • Hone speech and debate skills
  • Engage with a national theme
  • Discover ways to become involved in your community
  • Make lifelong friends


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