Headshot of Shayna van Hoften

Shayna van Hoften

Secretary, Board of Directors

Shayna (Mittler) van Hoften is a partner and lawyer at Hanson Bridgett LLP in California. Chair of her firm’s Public Transit and Transportation Practice, she counsels local governments on ethics and governance laws, civil rights law compliance, administrative procedures, constitutional matters, contracting and intergovernmental agreements, and more. She also assists private entities with government-related interests, including ballot initiatives and regulatory compliance.

Shayna credits JSA with providing the foundation upon which she has built her entire career advising public agencies and public officials. Shayna enjoyed four active years in JSA including terms as Chapter President, Golden Gate Region Vice Mayor and Northern State Chief of Staff, as well as recognition as Statesperson of the Year for Northern California in 1993. She attended and then worked at the JSA Summer Schools at Yale and Georgetown. Shayna earned her B.A. in Public Policy/Politics from Pomona College and then worked in political and policy communications in Washington D.C. before returning home to California to attend U.C. Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy and U.C. Berkeley School of Law, where she earned an M.P.P. and J.D.

Shayna, her husband and their two sons live in the San Francisco Bay Area.