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Alex P. Evans


The president and co-founder of EMC Research, Alex P. Evans has extensive experience in the design and execution of all types of market research methodologies, from in-person surveys designed to test consumer interest in recycled building materials in Berkeley, Calif., to political surveys in Latin America.

Over the past 25 years, Evans has conducted thousands and thousands of public opinion studies. He has polled in every state and in every part of the western United States, from Whatcom County, Wash., to San Diego, Calif. He has done survey research at every level of politics and government and for large and small corporations, government institutions and universities. He has directed accounts for some of the nation’s largest corporations, presidential campaigns in this country and abroad, statewide elections, and hundreds of projects on regional and local issues.

Evans has a BA from the University of California, Berkeley, a Master of Public Policy Degree from the University of Michigan, and he served as an elected member of the Richmond City Council in California (1995-2001). He was Speaker of the Junior State (1978-79) and attended JSA summer school (UC-Davis, 1977).