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Notable Alums & Public Service

JSA builds leadership skills, fosters respect for different perspectives, and helps students find their voice. JSA alums now fill roles as entrepreneurs, activists, lawyers, elected officials, and more. 

JSA Alums in Office

Learn about some of the JSA alums who stepped up to run for elected office this year.

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Huntington Beach City School District Board

Jennifer Bunn Hayden

When the president of the school board decided to retire, I weighed whether to run. There were many reasons for me not to run for office, but ultimately, why not me? As the JSA slogan goes, Be the People.” I also hope to bring the skills I developed in JSA, especially the ability to engage in thoughtful debate with people with whom I disagree, to the school board.

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Berkeley City Council (candidate)

Igor Tregub

JSA provided the critical foundation to the public service in which I have been engaged since my college days. From learning how to argue and defend your points, to being reminded that others may have a different perspective — and that the best policy solutions stem from the ability to apply the best of all of those perspectives —JSA taught me the fundamentals of governance. Being part of JSA also made me for the first time consider a future in public service — the prospect of working with and for people, which I did as the founder and president of my high school’s JSA chapter and a regional senator — was infectious!

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San Francisco Board of Education

John Trasvina

Voting intelligently is essential. Our ancestors died for us to have the right to vote. It is the right that preserves all other rights. We have to have a voice in our local communities, states, and national government. Also important is our voice in government the other 364 days of the year. Writing letters to your representative and to your newspaper helps hold elected officials accountable. So does showing up at meetings and, for some, running for office. As a candidate for School Board this year, I now realize how difficult campaigns are despite being around elected officials for years. All levels of participation are critical to our nation’s future. JSA gives young people a great start and I am grateful for my JSA experiences.

Micah Ali 300x300

Compton Unified School District

Micah Ali

Niraj Antani 300x300

OH House of Representatives (42nd District)

Niraj Antani

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Mayor of West Sacramento

Chris Cabaldon

Stevon Cook 300x300

San Francisco School Board

Stevon Cook

Matthew Harper 300x300

CA State Assembly

Matthew Harper

Alex Titinski 300x300

CT State Senate

Alex Titinski

Sam Jammal 300x300

Congress (39th District — CA)

Sam Jammal

Janice Rutherford 300x300

San Bernardino Board of Supervisors

Janice Rutherford

Derek Kilmer 300x300

Congress (6th District — WA)

Derek Kilmer

Jed Leano 300x300

Claremont City Council

Jed Leano

Andy Katz 300x300

CA State Assembly

Andy Katz

Zoe Lofgren 768x768

Member, US House of Representatives, California 19th Congressional District

The Honorable Zoe Lofgren

Mark Takano 768x768

Member, US House of Representatives, California 41st Congressional District

The Honorable Mark Takano

Schuyler Hudak 300x300

San Francisco Supervisor (D‑2)

Schuyler Hudak

Mike Spence 300x300

West Covina City Council

Mike Spence

Jen wolosin

Menlo Park City Council

Jen Wolosin

Notable Alumni in Politics & Government

Ayanna Pressley 768x768

The Honorable Ayanna Pressley

Member, US House of Representatives, Massachusetts 7th Congressional District

(Francis Parker High School, 1992)

Leon Panetta 768x768

The Honorable Leon Panetta

Former US Secretary of Defense and White House Chief of Staff

(Monterey High School, 1966)

Eric Garcetti 768x768

The Honorable Eric Garcetti

Mayor of Los Angeles, California, US Ambassador to India-designate

(Harvard-Westlake School, 1988)

Jennifer Palmieri 768x768

Jennifer Palmieri

Former White House Director of Communications, current contributing Editor to Vanity Fair

(Aptos High School, 1984)

Notable Alumni in Law

Karen Clopton 768x768

The Honorable Karen Clopton

Former Chief Administrative Law Judge, California Public Utilities Commission and current Commissioner, San Francisco Human Rights Commission

(Jack & Jill — San Francisco/​Alain Leroy Locke High School 1976)

Darcy Olsen 768x768

Darcy Olsen

Founder Gen​Jus​tice​.org, former Chief Executive Officer, The Goldwater Institute

(Pine View High School, 1989)

Judge Beth Freeman 768x768

The Honorable Beth Labson Freeman

United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California

(Ravenswood High School, 1972)

Natasha Sarin 768 x 768

Natasha Sarin

Associate Professor of Law at Yale Law School and Contributing Columnist at The Washington Post

(Harker High School, 2007)

Notable Alumni in Business

Charles Schwab 768x768

Charles R. Schwab

Founder; Charles Schwab Corporation

(Santa Barbara High School, 1955)

Anne Gates 768x768

Anne Raby Gates

Former President at MGA Entertainment, and former Executive Vice President

CFO of The Walt Disney Company’s Consumer Products Division

(Cubberley High School, 1977)

Alumni Headshots 3 768x768

Timothy Ingrassia

Co-chairman of Global Mergers & Acquisitions, Goldman Sachs

(Washington-Lee High School, 1982)

Notable Alumni in Media

Len Apcar 768x768

Len Apcar

Former Editor, The New York Times; Founder of www​.detect​fak​e​news​.com

(San Carlos High School, 1972)

Ethan Watters 768x768

Ethan Watters

Co-founder, San Francisco Writers Grotto, writer for The New York Times Magazine, Spin, Details, Mother Jones, Glamour, GQ, Esquire, and the San Francisco Chronicle Magazine

(Chico High School, 1982)

Michael Edelstein 768x768

Michael Edelstein

Former President, International Television Production, NBC Universal

(University [Los Angeles] High School, 1986)

Below is just a partial list of JSA Alums.

Mark Takano, Member, U.S. House of Representatives (D-CA)

Zoe Lofgren, Member, U.S. House of Representatives (D-CA)

Derek Kilmer, Member, U.S. House of Representatives (D-WA)

Edwin Meese III, Former U.S. Attorney General, Reagan Administration

Charles Schwab, Founder & Chairman, Charles Schwab Corporation

Andrei Cherny, Chair, Arizona Democratic Party

Bob Mathias, Former Member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Olympic Gold Medalist

Carol Hallett, Counselor to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Former President and CEO of the Air Transport Association of America

Eric Garcetti, Mayor, Los Angeles, California

Lenny Mendonca, Senior Partner Emeritus, McKinsey & Company

Leon Panetta, Former Secretary of Defense, Obama Administration

Liz Lempert, Mayor, Princeton, New Jersey

Michael Edelstein, President, NBCUniversal International Studios

Mike McCurry, Former Press Secretary, Clinton Administration

Norm Mineta, Former U.S. Secretary of Commerce (Clinton Administration), Former U.S. Secretary of Transportation (Bush Administration)

Timothy Ingrassia, Head of Mergers & Acquisitions, Goldman Sachs

Tom Brady, Quarterback, New England Patriots