Junior State of America offers programs and experiences that engage students year-round, providing them with opportunities to explore their passion for politics and civic activism in safe, inclusive educational settings. We’ll engage them with activities and curriculum that can guide them toward a future of responsible citizenship while preparing them for success in their educational and career endeavors.


Key Benefits

JSA is designed for your child to thrive.

Lessons for growth.

Participating in JSA will expose your child to new experiences and perspectives and challenge them to expand their mind.

Skills for success.

JSA is recognized by top colleges and universities for its strong school-year activities and rigorous summer programs.

Active citizenship.

You’ll watch as your children become active citizens, leading volunteer and activism efforts that benefit your community.

Friends for life.

JSA students make lifelong friends during their time at JSA, connecting with people at their high schools and around the country who share their interests.

Meet today’s leaders.

Our events and experiences feature keynote speeches from national civic, media and business leaders and give our students the opportunity to join the conversation.

Confidence to soar.

Every year, we see students grow from hesitant public speakers to confident leaders who drive discussions and debate.


What are common traits of JSA students?

JSA is a unique civics education program that offers something for everyone. It’s not just a debate club: it’s a democracy club. JSAers are also writers, artists, and social media wizards. Everyone has a role to fill, and room to carve out their own niche in the effort to make their chapters, regions, and states operate effectively.

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  • Collaborative
  • Curious
  • Resilient
  • Open

Fast Facts

Over 12k student members

Chapters in Over 35 states (+8 territories)

More than 170k alumni across sectors


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  • Junior State of America produces good citizens—and not just good passive citizens—but good active citizens who believe in their political system and who believe in their capacity to improve it.

    Dr. Paul Dawson
    Emeritus Professor of Politics, Oberlin College