School-Year Experience

Northern California Spring State (Burlingame)

April 28 - 29, 2018
Past Event

There is a growing lack of trust and an abundance of apathy in Millennials and Generation Z youth. A large percentage of the incoming generation of voters are more likely to identify as moderate rather than conservative or liberal. In what remains a highly charged political landscape, it is crucial that future voters are confident about what they believe and the principles on which they stand.

The rising voice of the populace through protests are ways that new voters continue to pressure their local, state and national government. At Spring State, challenge yourself to find your voice in a debate or by running for elected office. As JSA members, you lead the charge by participating, pushing our democracy to be better, and fighting the apathetic stereotype of youth. By being involved you can help chart the path to a brighter future.

What are School-Year Experiences?

School-Year Experiences are planned and run at the state and chapter -level. These experiences include multi-day state conventions, chapter conventions, and regional events that connect the student citizens of JSA Nation.

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