School-Year Experience

JSA National Fall State Convention 2021

November 6 - 21, 2021
Past Event

The Junior State of America is proud to host JSA National Fall State Convention!

This year, hundreds of high school students from across the nation will be coming together at Fall State 2021 to “Redefine Democracy” through debates, thought talks, and will be making meaningful connections across diverse perspectives. These activities will support their leadership, speaking, critical thinking, and civic engagement skills!

Registration Open Now

Registration Deadline: October 27th

Virtual Fall State conventions are $65.

Hybrid Fall State conventions are $95.

*scholarships available

2021 Fall State Dates:

Virtual Fall State: 11/6-7 (PNW, ORV, MW, AZ, NES, SES)

Hybrid Fall State: 11/13-14 (SoCal, TX, MAS)

Hybrid Fall State: 11/20 (NorCal)
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School-Year Experiences are planned and run at the state and chapter -level. These experiences include multi-day state conventions, chapter conventions, and regional events that connect the student citizens of JSA Nation.

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