Empire Constitution Region One Day

Mar 24, 2019 | 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Past Event

The regional one-day conferences are an important mainstay of the Junior State of America. Offering inexpensive, local conferences for our members gives them a chance to experience JSA without the high costs involved in overnight conventions. The one-days serve as an important introductory conference for new members and potential new chapters. While new member's first impression of the Junior State is on the chapter level, often their second impression and first introduction to JSA on a broad level, is the one-day. One Days include opportunities for students to:
Focus on a specific theme, this year the theme is Reopening Democracy: Eliminating the Disservice of Partnership.
Hear from an esteemed leader through a keynote presentation.
Participate in diverse debates and thought talks.
Meeting other students outside of their school.
Opportunities to hear from candidates running for an elected official position.
Participate in an activism initiative, examples of this have been voter registration drives, assembling blankets for the homeless, etc.

Cost is $15, lunch is not included.