Summer Experience

Civics Immersion Program

July 9 - 23, 2021
Past Event

This year JSA is introducing a new Civics Immersion Program! The program is an entirely virtual, three-week intensive non-credit program, creating a space for innovation and continuous learning.

Courses that may be offered include community organizing, voting rights and activism, advocacy journalism, and race and gender in politics. This experience is designed to support and empower high school students to look beyond problems and focus on solution-oriented action. Students will dig deeper into the most pressing issues we face today and apply lessons learned to solve real-life problems in their communities.

Students will also participate in social activities and engage with guest speakers and presenters.

What are Summer Experiences?

Summer Experiences provide students with an opportunity to engage with their peers in an immersive learning environment during the summer months. Activities range from keynote speeches to collaborative projects and workshops to meet-and-greets with influential figures in America today.

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