2019 Winter Congress Wraps Up

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Students Pass More than 100 Bills

More than 3,000 JSA members honed their skills in bill writing and legislative debate at JSA's winter conventions held in February. The two and three-day weekend conventions placed students in a mock Congress where they presented and debated bills written by their peers. And just like Congress had a chance to serve as senators and representatives for their respective parties. However, unlike the political gridlock that has gripped the current Congress, JSA's Winter Congresses passed more than 100 bills addressing a number of issues - from decriminalization of marijuana to school safety, drug prescription pricing, to ridesharing regulation, nonpartisan redistricting, and the opioid crisis.

Check out the complete list of passed bills.

Mid-Atlantic/Texas Passed Bills

A Bill to Ban Separation of Immigrant FamiliesVilla Victoria High School
A Bill To Legalize The Medical And Recreational Usage Of Marijuana NationwideSpring Ford High School
A Bill To Continue The Government Shutdown Until Only The Constitutional Powers Of The Government RemainCommunications High School
A Bill To Reform The Education SystemOld Bridge High School
A Bill To Impose Price Controls On The Pharmaceutical IndustrySt. Mary's Hall
A Bill To Join The International Criminal CourtWatchung Hills Regional High School
A Bill To Lower The Cost Of Naturalization In The United States Of AmericaMarlboro High School
A Bill to Create a National Gun RegistrySecaucus High School
A Bill to Make Birth Control Available Over the CounterSeagoville High School
A Bill to Increase Infrastructure Spending Within the United StatesBellaire High School
A Bill to Standardize Sexual EducationNorth Warren High School
A Bill To Decriminalize All Drug Use & PosessionSt. John Vianney High School
A Bill To Decrease Penny ProductionVilla Victoria
A Bill To Enact Swift Justice Via The Legalization Of Consensual DuelsMarlboro High School
A Bill to Reduce the Age of a U.S. Citizen that can Petition for Parents' ResidencySunset High School
A Bill To Introduce A Second Chance MandateOld Mill High School
A Bill To Make Election Day A Federal HolidaySt. Mary's Hall High School
A Bill to Impose the Drug Competition Action PlanHowell High School
A Bill To Install Metal Detectors In SchoolWest Windsor-Plainsboro H.S. South
A Bill To Reaffirm The Rights Of Private And Public Businesses To Hire Employees Of Their Choice, Subject To Existing LawsColts Neck High School
A Bill to Provide Compensation to Federal Workers During Government ShutdownsSecaucus High School
A Bill To Establish A National Day Where All Crime Is Legal And Anything Goes. It's An Absolute Madhouse, Brother Against Brother. Lock Your Doors, Protect Your Kids. (ndwacilaagiaambablydpyk) As A National HolidayBiotechnology High School
A Bill To Create A Commission To Study And Develop Reparations Proposals For African-AmericansWest Orange High School
A Bill To Repeal The War Powers ResolutionManalapan High School
A Bill To Enact Automatic Voter RegistrationColts Neck H.S.
A Bill To Reschedule Marijuana From A Schedule I DrugWest Windsor-Plainsboro H.S. South
A Bill To Improve The State Of Air Travel For American ConsumersBergen County Academies
A Bill To Ban Confederate Symbols On Public PropertyScotch Plains-Fanwood High School
A Bill To Reform Military Recruitment TechniquesCommunications High School
A Bill to Ban the Use of Comic SansCharles E. Smith Jewish Day School
A Bill To Tax All Establishments That Do Not Use Biodegradable PlasticsKent Place School
A Bill To Require All U.S. Public High Schools To Offer Dual Enrollment ProgramsPlainfield Academy for the Arts and Advanced Studies
A Bill To Reclassify Marijuana/cannabis Drug SchedulingFreehold High School
A Bill to Ban Child MarriagesMorris Hills High School
A Bill to Offer Military Service as an Alternative to Conventional Prison SentencingPlainfield Academy for the Arts and Advanced Studies
A Bill To Relocate Anyone Who Is Not Vaccinated To Isolate Them From SocietyBiotechnology High School
A Bill To Require A Life Skills Course For High School Students At Government-funded SchoolsSpring Ford High School
A Bill to Allow United States Territories to Vote in Presidential ElectionsSt. John's High School
A Bill To Minimize Invasive Species ImpactManalapan High School
A Bill To Ensure Annual Mental Health Tests For Firearm OwnersBiotechnology High School

Northern California Passed Bills

A Bill to Ban the Use of Styrofoam in the United States
A Resolution to Promote the Phase Out of Single Use Straws
A Bill to Ensure Fair Pay and Conditions to Incarcerated Workers
A Bill to Expand the Requirements for Asylum Seekers
A Resolution to Support Net Neutrality
A Bill to Mandate Level Two Background Checks on Rideshare Company Drivers
A Bill to Abolish FOSTA and SESTA and Enact Better Initiatives to Stop Sex Trafficking
A Bill to Abolish the 21-year-old Drinking Age
A Bill to Increase Spending on Forest Management

Pacific Northwest

Decriminalize Sex Workers
Prevent Student Bathroom Restrictions
Working Patriots Act
Sustainable Foodware Usage
Mandatory Consent Education
Create Nonpartisain Redistricting Committees
Reform Nutrition Labeling
Reduce Drug Crime Sentencing
Election Finance Reform
Digital Forgetting Rights
Reform Agricultural Subsidies
Establish ICE Oversight
Create Universal Healthcare
Yemeni Aid Resolution
Decriminalize All Elicit Substances
Ban Animal-Testing Cosmetics
Sibling Visitation Rights
Ban Conversion Therapy on Minors

Northeast/Southeast Passed Bills

To regulate opioid prescriptionsNortheast/Southeast
To grant longer paternity leave for new fathersNortheast/Southeast
To increase the punishment for rape including forcible sodomy and increase the statute of limitations to bring charges for the crimeNortheast/Southeast
To grant Puerto Rico independence from the United StatesNortheast/Southeast
To mandate the inclusion of hemp pulp in virgin paperNortheast/Southeast
To abolish the phrase 'Under God' in the Pledge of AllegianceNortheast/Southeast
To include proper medical attention to children in detention centers at the U.S. borderNortheast/Southeast
To mandate a minimum salary of teacher compensationNortheast/Southeast

Midwest/Ohio River Valley

A Bill establishing reasonable term limits on Members of Congress
A bill to abolish abstinence-based sexual education in schools
A bill to allow convicted felons to retain their voting rights
A bill to tax non-biodegradable plastic bags in grocery stores
A bill to prohibit those suspected of committing violence from having a gun or ammunition
An amendment to modify the requirements for presidential eligibility
A bill to end deforestation
A bill to legalize recreational marijuana
A bill to station officers to protect our schools
A bill to federally mandate all businesses serving food or drink to the public has a comprehensive ingredient list of all menu items
A bill to draft women into the Armed Forces
A bill to encourage induced pluripotent stem cell research
A bill to prohibit the purchase of high-capacity magazines for firearms
A bill to free the global energy market
A bill to legalize consensual euthanasia by the patient prior to illness or unconsciousness
A bill to decrease student loans
A bill to limit opiate abuse by expanding medical marijuana access
A bill to set a national minimum age of holding juveniles in detention centers upon awaiting court jurisdiction

Celebrating our Best Speakers

In addition to the successful passage of bills, a select number of students were chosen by their peers as Best Speakers for their articulation, presentation skills, and use of evidence in their speech.

Ryan BallanceHigh Tech H.S.Mid-Atlantic
Zack KayOld Mill H.S.Mid-Atlantic
Eric JiangBergen County AcademiesMid-Atlantic
Chimezie AmaechiPlainfield H.S.Mid-Atlantic
Yash RoyPrinceton H.S.Mid-Atlantic
Daksh KohliSouth Brunswick H.S.Mid-Atlantic
Archit MehtaWest Windsor-Plainsboro H.S. NorthMid-Atlantic
Alex LandyCharles E. Smith Jewish Day SchoolMid-Atlantic
Sean PergolaNorth Warren Regional H.S.Mid-Atlantic
Derek LinBergen County AcademiesMid-Atlantic
Sumit BediJ.P. Stevens H.S.Mid-Atlantic
Nisieni GriffithSt. Croix Educational Complex
Jason CordovaSouth Brunswick H.S.Mid-Atlantic
Dennis AbateColts Neck H.S.Mid-Atlantic
Nicholas SeppyEgg Harbor Township H.S.Mid-Atlantic
Max FalkParsippany Hills H.S.Mid-Atlantic
Reza AliSt. Joseph's PrepTexas
Brianna RichardsPlainfield Academy for the Arts and Advanced StudiesMid-Atlantic
Guy PastranaEgg Harbor Township H.S.Mid-Atlantic
Josh RakovitskyManalapan High SchoolMid-Atlantic
Eric JiangBergen County AcademiesMid-Atlantic
Sydnee SherickSpring-Ford Senior H.S.Mid-Atlantic
Vincent MarcheseCarnegie Vanguard H.S.Texas
Awni PimentelUnion City H.S.Mid-Atlantic
Archit MehtaWest Windsor-Plainsboro H.S. NorthMid-Atlantic
Jordan GinsburgWatchung Hills Regional H.S.Mid-Atlantic
Sean PergolaNorth Warren Regional H.S.Mid-Atlantic
Ari KleimanSt. John's H.S.
Sumit BediJ.P. Stevens H.S.Mid-Atlantic
Sam FingerhutCharles E. Smith Jewish Day SchoolMid-Atlantic
Jay PatelCentral Jersey College PrepMid-Atlantic
Chase KarbonWestlake H.S.Southern California
Sophie SternbergSanta Monica H.S.Southern California
Eli PallrandOakwood H.S.Southern California
David KotkinBeckman H.S.Southern California
Alexandra OrbuchMilken Community H.S.Southern California
Judy ZhangPalisades Charter H.S.Southern California
Kyle KalindjianPilibos Armenian H.S.Southern California
Sam ItkinThe Buckley SchoolSouthern California
Jacob LapinHarvard Westlake SchoolSouthern California
Alondra DuranTarbot V Torah H.S.Southern California
Paren Der-SarkissinPilibos Armenian H.S.Southern California
Brandon XuNorthwood H.S.Southern California
Kami ArabianPilibos Armenian H.S.Southern California
Toby ScottPalisades Charter H.S.Southern California
Benjamin ZaidelPalisades Charter H.S.Southern California
Ryan LeeServite H.S.Southern California
Petik TangikyanPilibos Armenian H.S.Southern California
Wendy FigueroaAlliance Olga Mohan H.S.Southern California
Rachel MetrySanta Monica H.S.Southern California
Anthony AlfaroAlliance Olga Mohan H.S.Southern California
Valerie LopezAlliance Olga Mohan H.S.Southern California
Melissa BeiningSunny Hills H.S.Southern California
Anna SolaresAlliance Colins Family H.S.Southern California
Toby ScottPalisades Charter H.S.Southern California
Audrey AndrewsMaria Carrillo H.S.Northern California
Connor WhitehillBishop O'Dowd H.S.Northern California
Celeste PalmerMontgomery H.S.Northern California
Claire FogartyRedwood H.S.Northern California
Luke WonzenAlameda H.S.Northern California
Ang LeePiedmont H.S.Northern California
Micah LittlepagePitman H.S.Northern California
Logan GoldsteinPetaluma H.S.Northern California
Peter SmeadSan Domenico H.S.Northern California
Amy ChangLowell H.S.Northern California
Alejandra GutierrezLivermore H.S.Northern California
Eli GundermanSkyline H.S.Pacific Northwest
Darshil ShahPullman H.S.Pacific Northwest
Zander GilletThe Overlake SchoolPacific Northwest
Batu AkkasSunset H.S.Pacific Northwest
Mariam JallowInternational School of BeavertonPacific Northwest
Ethan HiserWestview H.S.Pacific Northwest
Arya MavathIssaquah H.S.Pacific Northwest
Jedidiah ChoiSamammish H.S.Pacific Northwest
Omar FageeriNewport H.S.Pacific Northwest
Farah Lindsay-AlmadaniThe Overlake SchoolPacific Northwest
Miles HoeckelBeaverton H.S.Pacific Northwest
Lucy EricksonSunset H.S.Pacific Northwest
Griffen HehmeyerThe Overlake SchoolPacific Northwest
Eliza CrockerNew Rochelle H.S.Northeast
Steven ShiStaten Island TechNortheast
Bradley StollerThe Rivers SchoolNortheast
Joseph PinedaLand O' Lakes H.S.Southeast
David FerarraShelton H.S.Northeast
Scott WeinsteinJohn Jay H.S.Northeast
Molly ScalengheShelton H.S.Northeast
Vaishali KaushalProspect Hill Academy High SchoolNortheast
Rya RiveraClarkstown South H.S.Northeast
Christopher CapiolaNaples H.S.Southeast
Jacob FosterGann AcademyNortheast
Evelyn MullaneyJohn Jay H.S.Northeast
Stephanie KusiBronx Commumnity CollegeNortheast
Ananda FrancisClarkstown South H.S.Northeast
Emma DollarJohn Jay H.S.Northeast
Jacob JoffeGann AcademyNortheast
Max MaderMiami Valley H.S.Ohio River Valley
Michael ScellatoThe Benjamin SchoolSoutheast
Drew EisenhauerArrowhead H.S.Midwest
Brayden ReichelderferLakota East H.S.Ohio River Valley
Waverly DoolingNaperville Central H.S.Midwest
Callaghan RuebensaalBerea Midpark H.S.Ohio River Valley
David LeshchinerVernon Hills H.S.Midwest
Connor MorrisIndian Hill H.S.Ohio River Valley
Jack DeStefanoNaperville Central H.S.Midwest
Liam ClarkNaperville Central H.S.Midwest
Rohan VasavadaArrowhead H.S.Midwest
Ryan AllanMiami Valley H.S.Ohio River Valley

In addition to bills and best speakers, JSA members also kicked off election season. JSA members will run for positions at the state and national level, including governor, mayor, and senators. Candidates will run campaigns through March. Elections will take place at Spring State.


March 06, 2019