Riya s
Council of Governors

Riya S.

Governor of Pacific Northwest

Riya is a senior in high school and is ecstatic to serve on the Council of Governors and your PNW JSA Governor. Riya joined JSA her freshman year and since then she has wanted to get further involved in an organization that has given her so much over the past three years. To Riya, JSA is a unique organization that provides every delegate with a fantastic experience and she looks forward to giving back to the organization that she calls home.

At the beginning of her sophomore year, Riya joined the cabinet as a Chapter Internal Affairs agent and was elected Oregon mayor at the end of her sophomore year. She was then inspired to run for Governor of the PNW after developing her leadership and communication skills. She is so grateful for everything that JSA has given her and is excited to lead on the state and national levels of JSA next year!

Outside of JSA, she likes to read, write, and make her own jewelry. She also collects stickers and boarding pass from around the world. She volunteers on her city’s youth advisory board and interns with a local environmental non-profit and is passionate about Climate justice and education.