Rebecca S headshot
Council of Governors

Rebecca S.

Arizona Governor

Rebecca S. is a high school senior and has been a part of JSA for almost six years. Rebecca got lucky that her middle school offered JSA, and after some convincing by her friends and TA, she joined. Since 8th grade, she served in her chapter's cabinet and has always stayed involved. When she moved, her new school already had an established chapter where her freshman year, she served as the Chapter Secretary. Sophomore year she joined the state cabinet as Convention Coordinator while also serving as her Chapter’s Treasurer.

That year she decided to run for Lieutenant Governor and although we weren’t able to have a Spring Congress, Rebecca persevered and won. Throughout her junior year, along with serving as the JSAZ Lieutenant Governor, she was her school's Chapter President.

Outside of JSA Rebecca is an NHS Historian and is a part of Arizona Western College National Society of Leadership and Success. She has been competing for the International Cinderella Pageant for almost as long as she has been a part of JSA, and she has had the honor to compete on a local, state, and international pageant stage.