Mehek T headshot
Council of Governors

Mehek T.

Midwest Governor

Mehek is a high school senior and is elated to be serving as this year’s Midwest Governor! As a freshman, Mehek immediately found a home in the community that was her JSA chapter, which later extended to the Midwest as a whole. She has met many of her closest friends through this vast organization, and is looking forward to making new friendships in the coming year!

As a sophomore, Mehek was the Midyear addition to the CIA department, where she was given the opportunity to give back to Midwest JSA— she fell in love with the department, and the following year, proudly served as the Midwest Director of CIA.

Now, she intends on giving back to this organization all that it has given to her. Mehek’s love for uplifting chapters motivated her to run for Governor during her junior year, and she plans on spending the next year helping improve and grow chapters in her state. In her free time, Mehek loves to read, hang out with friends and family, and visit local restaurants. Feel free to reach out to her with a text or an email with questions, concerns, or any book/TV show recommendations!