Laasya G's headshot
National Cabinet

Laasya G.

National Director of Expansion

Laasya is a high school senior and is extremely excited to serve as the National Director of Expansion this year. Having been a MAS CIA Agent and MAS Director of Expansion, as well as having filled various positions in her chapter’s leadership, she’s looking forward to yet another year where chapter affairs control her life.

When she isn’t busy keeping her department on its toes, she’s researching political science and art history, or managing her school's newspaper, art and literature magazine, student-run art gallery, student council, and mock trial team—all while listening to Kacey Musgraves and drinking copious amounts of cold brew.

This year, Laasya can’t wait to work closely with some of her best friends and bring more chapters into JSA. She’s ready to get to work and if you’re reading this, PLEASE send her an expansion contact (she will love you forever).