Emma C.'s headshot
Council of Governors

Emma C.

Southeast Governor

Emma is a senior in high school and is incredibly excited to serve as the Southeast Governor for the 2021-2022 year! In her freshman year, Emma joined her school's JSA chapter and fell in love immediately. The confluence of logic, passion, and politics intoxicated her and eventually, she became an Expansion Agent for the Southeast State. After working with a plethora of chapters as an agent, she ran to be Lieutenant Governor of the Southeast. Serving as the Lieutenant Governor gave her the ability to see how the state works and work closely with the Governor. Now this year, she is serving as the Governor of the Southeast State and she is ready to leave her mark!

Outside of debate, Emma leads her school's Math Olympiad team and organizes competitions within her home state of Florida. One of her biggest joys is her school's philosophy club, which she helped create. She also helps volunteer for some charitable organizations, including food pantries in the area. In her free time, she loves watching terrible movies, reading poetry, and walking her dog.