Cecille P.'s headshot

Cecille P.

Northern California Governor and Member, Board of Directors

Cecille joined JSA her freshman year, absolutely fell in love with the organization and has been heavily involved since. Cecille joined the Northern California cabinet her freshman year as a debate agent, her sophomore year as a CIA agent, and her junior year serving as the Lieutenant Governor’s Chief of Staff where she oversaw the CIA, Expansion, and regional officials departments. She loves the JSA community and talking to the delegates is her favorite part of the organization. Her experience in JSA has taught her personal organization, debate skills, and molded her into a civically engaged student that deeply believes in the positive change an individual can have over the world around them.

Outside of JSA, Cecille is an avid Disney and anime fan. She loves all types of art and dance as she has been a part of her school’s dance ensemble for two years now. She also has her own keychain store where she sells her handmade keychains. You can always find her singing a song she’s known for years or one she learned a few minutes ago. Singing is one of her favorite things in the world. She enjoys spending time with her family and two cats especially in the garden on a sunny day.