Ariel s
Council of Governors

Ariel S.

Governor of Midwest

Ariel, a high school senior based in the Chicago suburbs, is incredibly excited to serve as the Midwest’s governor. On Midwest Cabinet since his freshman year, Ariel has had the privilege of leading on a regional level— something that Ariel would come to love doing. Creating a number of invaluable connections and memories along the way, he’s served as a Publicity Agent, Publicity Director, and chapter Vice President. Passionate about bringing JSA to more people, Ariel hopes to lead Midwest Cabinet through pandemic recovery and into a civically active year.

When not doing JSA work, you can find Ariel watching a TV show, listening to music, or taking part in an extracurricular. Ariel is involved in theater crew, serving on his theater company’s executive board, and is a student representative on his school district’s board. In his free time, Ariel makes short films and live streams school events with his school’s media club.