Nat Cab Photos 6
National Cabinet

Anirudh H.

National Director of Activities

Anirudh H. is a senior at John P. Stevens High School in the MAS, and he is honored and excited to serve as the National Director of Activities for the 2022-23 year! Ani has been involved in JSA since his freshman year, and he fell in love with the organization after attending his first Winter Congress. Ani loves the diversity of debate and the new people he met from across the country through conventions. He has previously served as a State Assembly Representative for his chapter and as the Mid-Atlantic State Legislative Liaison. Outside of JSA, you can find him playing the violin, singing, browsing through Xbox Game Pass, or furiously binging the West Wing for the 13th time. Ani is focused on increasing civic engagement and participation in all facets of JSA through national programs and initiatives. He is excited to work with CoG, the rest of NatCab, and JSA as a whole!