Aneetej A's headshot
Council of Governors

Aneetej A.

Ohio River Valley Governor

As a freshman, Aneetej was looking for a club that he thought he would fit into, and his fondness for politics and public speaking quickly led him to join JSA. From his first convention, he knew that he had found a home in JSA. JSA led him to connect and discuss numerous topics with students from across the country with wildly different political views. He knew soon after joining JSA that he was passionate about growing the organization even further. Aneetej attended the Montezuma Leadership Summit in 2019, and he joined the ORV cabinet as an Expansion Specialist the following year. This past year, he served as his school's chapter president and the National Director of Expansion. This year as Governor, Aneetej wants to grow the ORV and create more opportunities for all students to immerse themselves within JSA.

Outside of JSA, Aneetej enjoys playing golf, squash, building computers, trying new foods, and listening to music.