Distinguished Giving Honor Roll

JSA honors the generosity of our individual donors through membership in giving societies based on their contributions each fiscal year. Below is the JSA Honor Roll for the year ending September 30, 2013:

* denotes the donor has given at this level or above for 3+ consecutive years.
** denotes the donor has given at this level or above for 5+ consecutive years.

The Prof. Rogers Society — $25,000+

Learn More About Prof. Rogers
The idea for what is now known as the Junior State was first conceived by Professor E.A. Rogers, founder of the Montezuma Mountain School for Boys in California’s Santa Cruz Mountains in the early 1930s. An innovative educational philosopher and teacher, Prof. Rogers had long maintained that one of the primary needs of a democracy was to train its youth in the essentials of good government. He believed that without an informed populace, a democracy is worthless. Troubled by what he perceived as the corrosive effects the Great Depression was having on American democracy, Prof. Rogers responded with a challenge to his students to engage them in the issues of the day. The students resolved to, “make politics a noble profession,” and offer training in statesmanship and leadership. The training would be student-led and experiential, with students electing office holder and setting priorities. In 1934 he encouraged nearby schools to send delegations to a “Conference on Youth on American Ideals” and on November 9, 1934, founded The Junior Statesmen of America.

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Paul HrabalJoseph Sanberg
James Lintott*Rachel Kaganoff Stern & Eric Stern*


The Harris Seed Society — $10,000 – $24,999

Learn More About Harris Seed
Harris Seed is a Junior State Board Trustee and longtime benefactor of the Junior State. A 1943 JSA Summer School graduate at the Montezuma School for Boys, Mr. Seed, President of the Alice Tweed Tuohy Foundation, awarded scholarship funds to thousands of JSA students who would not otherwise have been able to participate in the Junior Statesmen Summer School. As a result of these scholarship grants, the Junior State of America expanded into a national program and the Summer School program expanded to elite campuses across the country.

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Ranjit AhluwaliaDavid Gray Carlson*Lenny & Christine Mendonca*
Rex BriggsMichael McCurryAlex Weingarten


The Jack Teeters Society — $5,000 – $9,999

Learn More About Jack Teeters
Jack Teeters, a 1948 JSA Summer School graduate at the Montezuma School for Boys,
played a pivotal role as executive director in the 1960s, helping the organization survive fiscal challenges. It was during his tenure that JSA first conducted the Summer School on the Stanford campus. Mr. Teeters continues to be an important benefactor to Junior State working with the benefactors who fund the annual Teacher-Fellow program at the Montezuma Conference.

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Donald P. GermainAnne Raby GatesJune Thurber Paine
Jeff HarrisDavid SchellhaseAlex Evans*


The Prosser Society — $1,000 – $4,999

Learn More About The Prossers
Richard and Karen Prosser have impacted The Junior State more than any other individuals in the last half century. Richard Prosser served as Executive Director of the Junior Statesmen Foundation for nearly 40 years (1969-2007). He oversaw a massive expansion of JSA chapters across the United States, changing the organization from a California-based group with a couple dozen high schools to a nationwide movement of 600 high schools in 33 states. His message was clear to every student: that democracy works, that young people matter, and that every one of us can and should make a difference in the world. Karen, serving on staff from 1975 to present, personally oversaw a transformation in JSA’s summer school programs, expanding them from a few dozen students on one campus to as many as 1,000 students on six campuses. She also spearheaded the annual Montezuma Leadership Summit that develops the abilities of promising JSA student leaders. Because of Richard and Karen Prosser more than 10,000 students per year now participate in The Junior State, making it the largest student-run organization in the country.

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Leonard M. ApcarTor GronborgRichard & Karen Prosser*
Cassie ArnoldKitty GuptillEd Prosser
Martin Barash*Michele & Glenn HavskjoldBob Rapp
Jason BartlettElizabeth Hunter**Will Riffle
Adam & Laura BergerLarry KlaneJames & Diana Rogers
Diane Chipps BaileyAndrew KleinHilton Romanski
Larry ComrasEmme & Kyle KozloffDan Schnur
Michael EdelsteinCatherine LangfordHayedeh C. Sepahpur-Scott
Ted ElliottSteven LaVoieMaria Shim
Douglas J. FeithTed Lempert & Nicole BergeronPeter & Helen Smith*
David & Marianna FisherDeborah LucasFrank & Judith Solinsky
Marc Franklin*Wally MarksSusan Solinsky & Paul Duryea
Beth Freeman **William D. McDowallStephen Spitz**
David FriedmanEdwin Meese**Anne E. Swenson
Glen FullerMona Metwalli*Stacy Taylor
Scott Garner*Scott & Sharon MillerGreg Teshara
Joan Garner*Art MorganGregory Thatch
Craig GarnerKrista MurrayCathy Tsai
Daniel & Bonnie Germain**Preeta NayakDave Viotti**
Julie GoldsmithJerry Newfarmer*Jeff Walters
Abner & Roslyn GoldsteinDarcy OlsenTom Warden
William GreifMarilyn Patacsil


The Nancy Wallace Society — $500 – $999

Learn More About Nancy Wallace
Nancy Wallace is a retired Teacher Advisor from Freehold Township High School in New Jersey. Though student-directed the Teacher Advisor role is critical to a successful Junior State civic engagement experience. Ms. Wallace is beloved by generations of students and exemplifies the characteristics of great teachers and JSA Teacher Advisors everywhere: kind, patient, wise and firm.

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Brenda AdderlyDaniel FrankensteinEdward Mullen*
David & Ann Archie*Crystal FriersonMatt Patchell & Ruth Bernstein
Dixon ArnettEd Geller**Timothy Reuben & Stephanie Blum
Jean Stern AtkinsonJohn GuevaraEllen & Benjamin Ron
Pamela AuerbachAndrew Green & Emily GeeRoberto Ruiz
Scott Bekemeyer*Carol HallettJanice Rutherford
Ben BirkenDavid & Judy JossEstelle Saltzman**
Lorraine Stevens BrownAnn KaganoffHarris W. Seed**
Robert CainIan & Amanda KalinNeal Shenoy
Catherine Tinka CarhartJames KatzJoseph Simitian
Toby ChaudhuriTom Kenney & Jacqueline HavenerKevin Smith
Andrew ClubokIsrael & Sarah KleinSamuel Surloff
Chris CowartRosemary LabereeKai-Shing Tao
Lisa DuttonAnnette LamoreauxKai-Teh Tao
Evelyn EhrlichBrian LazarusVivian Tsai Lobsang
Vince FarhatJames LeeCatherine Unger
Jim FinstenMarc LiebermanMark Uyeda
Myra Firth*James LonghoferPeg Yorkin
Holly FoglerRob Makin
T. Jack FosterBonita Moore


The Montezuma Society — $250 – $499

Learn More About Montezuma
The Montezuma Mountain Ranch School for Boys was founded in 1910 by Junior State founder Professor Ernest A “Prof” Roger in the Santa Cruz Mountains south of San Francisco. It was at the Montezuma School that Prof Rogers’ ideas about democratic education and civic participation developed. Since 1988 the Montezuma Foundation has sponsored an annual leadership training retreat for young Junior State leaders that show great promise to make a positive impact on civil society.

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Kenny & Mami AbramowitzMelissa HarrisKim Morimoto
Charlie AdamsTrey HatchSafina Motiwala
Amiee AldenJ.C. HedgerNoel Nesser
Demetri ArgyropoulosCynthia HigginsRamona Nicholson
Steve BayneHolly HoganLisa Novacek
Rachael BeekmanAdam KallerMageline Orden
Linda Helen Bennett*Joseph E. KennedySarah Ouchi & Vince Tsai
Eve BukowskiRichard KennonParesh Patel
Jennifer Bunn*Margaret KennyTyler Pichette
Sandra Bunn*Edward KimAmy Prosser
Robert & Susan ByrneElzabeth KnaussLori Otto Punke
Meghan ByrumEnno Krebbers*Jennifer Raiser
Andrei ChernyMelissa LauderdaleRay Remy
Sulekha CheruvuSue Lempert*Dale Sainsbury
Dan ChorostLarry LevineRay Satorre
Jeffrey CohenJordana LewisEric Sheckler
Reuben CohenCharisse LillieJessica Singleton
Tamara ColsonMichael Linick*Michael Solender
Jim ConklinEwout LubberdinkKarl Sprick
Karen CorwinLaurie MachadoMarc Stridiron*
David CrossonStuart MarksJack Eugene Teeters
Julia CurtisTerence MascarenhasGlen Tripp
Nancy DuttonJennifer McCraryBob & Kathy Waste
Suzanne Dale EsteyC. Max McDonaldEthan Watters
Vic FazioMichael MeeseSean Welch
Kathy FranklinDana MeesePhillip Zabriskie
Abe FriedmanDavid Mezzera
Steve Gordon & Amanda TeoUrbashi Mitra
Kevin GrossMichelle Monie
Randall HarperLuz Moreno


* denotes the donor has given at this level or above for 3+ consecutive years.