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Volume II, Number 4 - April 13, 2010

The Junior State of America: Past, Present, and Future

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Dave Viotti

Friend-Raising on Facebook

BY DAVID VIOTTI: Nearly 500,000 people have participated in JSA programs over the last 75 years and everywhere I go, I meet people who were in JSA when they were in high school.

You can find a JSA alum in every career field in every state and in most countries around the world. JSA is a powerful network that we hope you’ll tap into. We currently have more than 7,000 fans on Facebook  at http://www.facebook.com/JuniorState.

We’d like to get to 10,000 fans this summer. I just posted my Georgetown Summer School class photo from 1986 (I’m the kid with the Miami Vice look in the back row). We’ll be posting all the Summer School photos all the way back to 1940s over the new few weeks. We’re counting on you to tag the photos, share stories, network with friends, and help us reach our goal.

In this month’s JSA Now!, Intern Matthew Wong profiles JSA alumn Alex Krasov and provides us with a look at the prestigious choice for college made by a current JSA governor. Program Director Jeff Dunn gives us insight into two of JSA Summer School faculty members, and Karen Prosser has another roundup of the latest on former JSA greats.

All worthy of Facebook friend status.

Professor Anand
JSA Summer Schools
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and top college professors each summer

Professor Caliendo

JSA Summer School at Princeton: 2010 Faculty Profiles

BY JEFF DUNN: She is a professor of international relations in France. He is a professor of political science at North Central College in Illinois. What do they have in common? They both are veteran professors at the Junior Statesmen Summer School at Princeton and both are highly sought after by major media outlets on both sides of the Atlantic.

Prof. Ruchi Anand — International Relations
A professor of foreign policy and international relations at the American Graduate School of International Relations and Diplomacy in Lyon, France, Prof. Anand is widely respected on both sides of the Atlantic not only for her scholarly works (read her books “Self-Defense in International Relations” and “International Environmental Justice”), but also for her ability to explain complex policy issues to viewers who watch the TV network France 24.

And for students who wish to study abroad in college? Prof. Anand can help with that, too, as she is also the internship director at the university.

Visit Prof. Anand’s web site and view her televised discussions on topics such as the impact of the meat industry on global warming and international aid in response to natural disasters.

Prof. Stephen Maynard Caliendo — Speech and Political Communication
Author of “Teachers Matter: The Trouble with Leaving Political Education to the Coaches,” and the soon to be published book titled “Apolitical Communication: Language, Legitimacy and the U.S. Supreme Court,” Prof. Caliendo may be better known to television viewers in the Chicago area for his appearances on Chicago’s CBS2 WBBM-TV as a political commentator.

Prof. Caliendo, who is also the co-director of The Project on Race in Political Communication based at North Central, in Naperville, Ill., has addressed such questions as the historic presidential candidacy of then-Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), the use of technology in political campaigns, and the impact of Elizabeth Edwards’ health issues on John Edwards’ campaign.

View Prof. Caliendo’s commentary on presidential humor on the 2008 campaign trail.

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Alex Krasov
“I would never have gotten involved in politics in the way I did if it weren’t for JSA.”


Alum Profile: Alex Krasov

BY MATTHEW WONG: Former Northern California Convention Coordinator Alex Krasov is a fine example of how the JSA experience inspires young adults to be active citizens in a democratic society. Krasov, who joined Northern California’s Castro Valley High School JSA chapter in her sophomore year, described her JSA experience as "life-changing.”

"It was an amazing experience,” she said. “I would never have gotten involved in politics in the way I did if it weren’t for JSA.”

Krasov now works as the deputy communications director for the U.S. House Democratic Caucus; her office sets the message and develops the communications strategy for all Democratic members in the House of Representatives. In addition to making sure the House Democrats convey their policies in the best possible way, Krasov writes talking points and drafts press releases.

JSA stateswoman of the year in 2004, Krasov started working for the caucus last year. “I like the fact that it’s very challenging work,” she said. Krasov has helped shape the House discussion of healthcare reform, along with other issues members have tackled. She was there when the House first passed healthcare reform in November, and again, when a final vote was taken in March.

Like many JSA alums, Krasov credits JSA for playing a strong role in both her personal and professional life. “I always tell people that I feel very fortunate that I discovered something I loved to do when I was 15 years old,” she said. JSA has given her access to a lot of different ideas and has solidified her political beliefs, Krasov said. Her favorite memory of JSA was working with other students in planning for state conventions. “By all accounts, some of the hardest work I’ve done has been with JSA,” Krasov said. “And, I think those experiences really helped me develop the kind of work ethic I now use in a professional capacity.” JSA gives students “a very early exposure to the practical and professional side of politics,” she added.

A firm believer in the JSA motto, “Democracy is not a spectator sport," Krasov is grateful to JSA for giving her the opportunities to meet incredible people and to use those people as resources.

TS Allen
 Allen credits JSA for teaching him the public speaking skills  he used during his “grueling” interviews with retired military officers.

Southeast JSA Territory Governor to Attend West Point 

BY MATTHEW WONG: Southeast JSA Territory Governor TS Allen has accepted an appointment to attend United States Military Academy at West Point. He plans to major in history and minor in terrorism studies.

"Military history has been my life-long fascination,” the Florida native and member of the Naples H.S. JSA chapter said. Elected governor at the 2009 Spring State, Allen has brought his interest into JSA.  “In order to educate JSA students about military issues, my cabinet and I organized a convention in Tampa specifically focused on the war in Afghanistan, with speakers from the Pakistani and German militaries, and CENTCOM, the U.S. command responsible for the Middle East,” he said.

The self-described military enthusiast has a private collection of military artifacts at home. Allen also serves as a commander of the Junior ROTC at Naples High, where he is a cadet colonel. Allen chose West Point over the U.S. Naval Academy after spending one summer at West Point’s Summer Leaders Seminar.  “It was great waking up at 5 a.m. and living in the barracks,” he said. “The other candidates and the cadets were great to be around, and the professors we spoke to amazed me.”

Living in Naples, with many West Point graduates and retired military officers, also contributed to his decision to apply. Allen received his congressional recommendation to attend West Point from U.S. Rep. Connie Mack (R-Fla.).

Allen’s tuition, room, board, medical and dental care will all be covered by the Army. In return, he will be required to serve as an active-duty military officer for at least five years upon graduation.

Like many JSA students and alums, Allen gives credit to JSA for teaching him the public speaking skills he used during his “grueling" interviews with retired military officers. Allen also thinks his leadership experience with JSA was the tipping point for his acceptance. Being a JSA governor “is a big leadership responsibility," Allen said. The admissions officers at West Point look heavily for leadership, according to Allen.

When asked what his future career path looked like, Allen stated he intends to stay with the Army. “I plan on making my career in the Army,” he said. Allen will report for duty on June 28.

Karen Prosser 
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Karen’s Corner

BY KAREN PROSSER: An alum from the great State of Texas, Mindy Montford (Georgetown Summer School, 1987), is in a runoff election today to serve as the 299th District Court Judge in Travis County (suburban Austin). Montford has practiced law in Travis County for 14 years and served in the District Attorney’s Public Integrity Unit during the prosecution of Tom DeLay. She was chosen “Best Qualified” by the Austin Bar Association and endorsed by the Austin American-Statesman. Best of luck in today’s election, Mindy.

Candace Le’I, an outstanding JSA Summer School graduate from American Samoa, was married last October to Rogelio Garcia. Candace graduated from George Washington Law School in 2003 and was accepted into the honors program at the U.S. Department of Interior’s Office of Solicitor. Candace joined the U.S. Department of Defense, Office of Hearings and Appeals in 2005, as a department lawyer and is working in the area of security clearance litigation. 

There was a great article in the March 12-18 LA Weekly on the Los Angeles School Board and educational reform. Highlighted in the article was JSA Alum Yolie Flores (Davis Summer School, 1979), a member of the LAUSD School Board and a big supporter of Superintendent Ramon Cortines (former JSA teacher/advisor, former member of the board of trustees). Yolie is quoted extensively in the article and the coverage is very positive. 

Congratulations to Milam Miller, 2008-2009 JSA Texas Governor, who was elected to serve as a university-wide representative at the University of Texas, Austin. 

After almost four years in Hong Kong as deputy managing editor for Asia of the International Herald Tribune of Paris, Leonard M. Apcar (Santa Cruz Summer School, 1969) has been named the Washington economics editor of the New York Times. Apcar, who was California JSA governor (there was only one in those days) in 1970-1971, has worked for the Times since 1991, when he joined the paper as a business and financial editor (he later served as assistant foreign editor and editor-in-chief of NYTimes.com). Earlier, Len was with the St. Petersburg Times and the Wall Street Journal. He graduated from Claremont McKenna College with a bachelor’s and Columbia University with a master’s.

That’s all for April — let me know what you are up to so I can include your news in the next Corner — kprosser@jsa.org.

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--This month’s newsletter by: Dave Viotti, David M. Cole, Jeff Dunn, Alanna Lee, Matthew Wong, Karen Prosser